Hybrid events are the perfect bridge between virtual and online.

Create the ultimate solution by creating events that suits everyone, online and in person. Live events remain the top experience for now, but that is when you can attend. Live events will always be an important part of events, seminars, exhibitions, launches performances, but virtual attendance is a great add on. With great technology available the virtual attendee can also experience it now where it was previously not possible. There will also be situations where an in-person event will be the most effective way of engaging your audience. Hybrid events seems to be the new normal, with many advantages. Hybrid events allow for many more attendees.

A combination of live and virtual can be perfectly realised as a hybrid format

 Think of your hybrid event as a live television show being filmed in front of a studio audience. A hybrid event is much more than just a static recording. In a hybrid event, you introduce an interactive online component in conjunction with the physical element of the program. This enables you to reach a large (international) audience who can actively participate in your event.