Get paid when you need it

We provide convenient options for payments to suit your needs. We'll promptly pay you via EFT after the event, allowing you to keep your finances in order. Some well-qualified clients may be eligible for weekly advance direct deposits.

Stay connected to your finances with our detailed settlements and reconciliation reports. Accessed in your account, you’ll be able to observe all of the credits and debits from your events. Use your own merchant account to receive payments as tickets are sold.

make your event cashless

TIXSA has recently partnered with Cashless King and their My iMali cashless event service. 

My iMali is a cashless solution that is quick, able to work offline and most importantly have the capability to allow people to get their money back seamlessly after each event, or allow people that have money left on their event card to use the same event card at their next event.

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