Museums and places of interest

Museums are a resilient bunch and many of them have come up with novel ways to keep serving up history, culture, and education. Now that museums, and audiences, have discovered the power of virtual tourism, it’s hard to believe they’ll return to convention. With entire collections formatted and developed for online showing and thousands of virtual experiences rolled out for audiences around the world, it will simply be a waste to hit delete or save to archive. Let us show you how!

Dollhouse view

Dollhouse view provides a unique way to explore spaces in a dynamic isometric way.

Virtual Tour designs

Keep it simple or make it advanced we have you covered. Add additional features into the tour like music, photos, voice overs and info points

Multimedia tags

Add special tags that provide descriptions or links to external website, pictures, videos, online booking systems

Floor plan view

Get a bird’s eye view, from above as if the roof were removed so you can easily understand the layout of the property.

360° panoramic

360° panoramic photos can be used on Facebook and Google Street View.

External content

Add external media in your virtual tour like pop-up content, YouTube Videos, Google Maps, Booking Systems, or 3D Models.

VR Headset Ready

Your view will be "standard 360º" and in Virtual Reality. The simple push of a button will let your audience switch from one mode to the other.

Brand & Embed

Brand your tours with your logo, corporate colours, headshot or contact information to maximise leads and advertising.


Interactive virtual tours amplify your social media efforts and online presence, delivering a visual communication experience, unmatched by static photography. With integrated, downloadable marketing collateral and direct calls-to-action, converting site visitors to engaged users in a single click. 

Our interactive virtual tour technology can be customised to match any brand identity, integrating messaging, logos, colours, and fonts, providing a customised look-and-feel to reinforce and support your online brand. 


Your tour can now be published directly to Google Street View. They'll beautifully integrate with the official information of your Google listing. 

Agent and non-agent voice overs

Agent and non-agent voice overs provide clear and memorable messages that amplify your message.

Creative and Professional Editing

We use only the best editing software and really spend the bulk of our time making your videos great.

Hosting For Your Virtual Tour

1st year of hosting is included.


A virtual tour is only as effective as the quality of photography used within it. Unlike traditional photography, 360 image capture requires a unique skillset and experience to accurately portray a location’s unique differentiators and provide a clear view of intricate details. 

Our expert staff specialises in capturing the critical visuals to meet your communication goals, utilising high-quality, post-processing methods to present a location in its best form. 

Highlighting the critical areas of a room, including unique equipment, and design features, provide users a completely immersive and engaging experience unlike any other. 


Whether iPad, iPhone, Android, Microsoft Surface, Macintosh or PC. Tixsa crafts a custom application which retain universal usability and are seamlessly interactive in virtually any digital environment.