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New Development - TIMELINES

Good News!

Our partners and engineers have been busy with a couple of very helpful back-end development features.

The first one that rolled out is our New Timeline feature. You might have picked this up on your dashboard when looking at and pulling up reports.

A timeline is a data visualization representing your ticket sales, page views, or other datasets you select. The Timelines feature can stack multiple timelines, allowing you to compare trends across several events or different types of data.

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Mobile Delivery

Mobile Delivery Now Active On Your Tixsa Account:

You have the following Delivery Methods on your Tixsa account already.


Clients pay a small fee for the convenience of skipping the lines and printing your ticket in the convenience of their homes. This print@home ticket can also be downloaded onto any mobile device. Clients can download and show at the entrance, you scan the QR Code on their phones.

Will Call:

This option sends your client a bar-coded receipt; It is a valid ticket. It contains their complete order. They will not receive individual print@home tickets for this option. They can Print and bring along to the venue for validation.

We Like Happy ticket buyers –

With Mobile Delivery as a third option on how to receive their tickets we can now make ticket purchasing more convenient for customers with mobile ticket delivery and beautiful event pages that work on any device and your own website.

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Tixsa Weekly How To Series

How-to Customize Ads on Tickets and More

Did you know you can change the content on your print-at-home tickets?

Request a customized ticket layout from our Client Services team, and send us your content for everything from ads for your partners to special instructions for your customers.

To get started, you’ll want to send an inquiry to one of our Client Service reps at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Then, you’ll need to provide us your visual or other content assets for the tickets with a clear description of what you need.

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Tixsa Weekly How To Series

Tixsa How-To: Send Newsletters to Your Customers

This week, let’s dig deeper into Tixsa’s email tools.

The Email Campaign tool taps into your customer database to give you an easy communication tool, built for newsletters, upcoming event announcements, and more.

Estimated time: ~5 minutes to set up, 15+ to customize your content

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Tixsa Weekly How To Series

How To Create Complimentary Codes

By Anthony | Thursday, July 21st, 2016

Complimentary Codes Need to set up free admission for special guests or other attendees? Take advantage of our complimentary codes. This special coupon type will instantly waive the cost for any price levels on events where it has been applied.

Estimated time: 1-2 minutes Visit the coupon manager. Sign in to your account and click Manage. Click Add Coupon. Edit coupon details.

First, click the Coupon Type dropdown and select Complimentary. Next, enter a name for the coupon. This name is for your internal use only, so pick something that will make it easier to find later when you’re running reports.

Finally, enter a coupon code, up to 15 characters. This is the code you’ll share with your special customers to whom you want to grant free access.

As such, keep this code under lock and key! (If your code does get leaked, however, you can always cancel it to prevent future customers from using it. You can also void any problematic sales associated with a particular comp code.)

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