Tixsa Weekly How To Series

Within the guide, you’ll find helpful marketing tips and tricks that are specific to the event industry supported with examples from our partners sprinkled throughout.Our marketing experts know the ins and outs of event marketing and have compiled tips in three integral parts of a successful digital event marketing strategy: Tixsa Marketing Tools, Free Marketing Channels, and Paid Marketing Channels. Read on to learn more about what’s included in our event marketing guide:

Marketing Tools

The first section of our guide dives into the ways users can utilize the variety of marketing features built right into the Tixsa Admin. Our tools assist event organizers in accessing and reporting on customer data, sharing updates through different social media platforms, contacting ticket buyers, and ultimately, selling more tickets!

Read through our Marketing Tools section to learn more about how Email Campaigns, Coupons, Agent, Facebook Checkout, and Marketing Account Integrations play an important role in your marketing strategy.

Free Marketing Channels

Next, we walk you through the most popular free marketing platforms and associated best practices for Search Engine Optimization, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Included is a list of social media tools that assist in your general organic social media posting. Each subsection includes recommendations that are tailored to each platform, as well as tools that arespecificto each free marketing channel.

If you’re unsure of where to start in the plethora of free marketing channels, or looking to broaden your audience, thumb through the Free Marketing Channels section to step up your game!

Paid Marketing Channels

Digital ad options let event marketers leverage their wealth of customer data to build powerful campaigns. Our guide offers recommendations for creating event awareness and selling more tickets via Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Adwords Paid Search, and Google Adwords’ Display Network advertising.

Event organizers will find tools for each ad platform, as well as guidelines on campaign objectives, targeting options, and best practices for online advertising. Whether you’re new to online advertising or are close to an expert, our event marketing guide offers useful advice for all levels of experience!

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