TIXSA: Helping your community.

TIXSA wants to help you optimise your communication, growth and need to raise funds through our user-friendly platform and support team.

Your account captures contact information (as well as any other specific information you may want: gender, race, location, age, occupation etc...) of each transaction made which can help you build a strong database for your church and streamline communication as well as outreach projects.

This database is only for your use. TIXSA does not use any information captured on any one of our +300 client accounts.

Below we offer you three features for streams of income for the church. 



Donations can be a great way to sustain the church. You can support your live stream services and workshops while raising money for your church community.


Raising funds through community projects in order to help those involved in the Covid-19 pandemic, the elderly or congregation members who have temporarily lost their jobs is an easy 3-step solution which TIXSA offers.


Tithes and offerings done through the TIXSA system is necessary for the church to build your database and grow your community. You also have access to a free email campaign service which TIXSA offers.


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