Self-Service Ticket Exchanges

Cut out the middle man and do it yourself.


This feature was introduced to allow customers to easily exchange their purchased tickets for other tickets offered by the same ShowClix seller, which is you, according to their respective exchange policy.

Note: Self-service ticket exchanges are done by customers themselves. For information on swapping tickets (GA and Reserved) as an admin user, please see our Swap help articles.

Tickets may be exchanged across different events or, if the event is part of a series, different time slots. Exchanges can be set to auto-approval or to be reviewed and approved or denied by a staff member at the seller organisation.

TIXSA clients can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to turn on Ticket Exchanges in your account.


How do ticket exchanges work?

  • The basis of ticket exchanges is driven by the customer. The customer visits the My Tickets section to start an exchange. To help the customer to find this option, we include a link and a brief call-to-action regarding exchanges in every order confirmation email. In the customer’s ticket account, they navigate to the order containing the tickets they want to exchange.
  • Next, the customer selects whether they want to exchange tickets for others in the same event or if they want to select a different date. Then, they will select the tickets they want to exchange. A customer may select anywhere from one ticket up to every ticket in the order.
  • Based on the tickets the customer wants to exchange, we will present options for which tickets are eligible for the exchange. The customer will need to go through each of their tickets and select an associated price level for the exchange. The customer reviews their request and submits it to the organiser.
  • The next step depends on how the organizer has configured their exchange settings. If the organiser has configured exchanges to allow auto-approval, the customer’s exchange will be automatically accepted and processed. If the organizer has not enabled auto-approval, the exchange request is added to a backlog of all exchange requests for that organization. Authorised Admin users may browse this list and approve or deny requests as they come in.