Tracking Pixels

Learn ROI, Conversion Rate, and Other Metrics

Proper pixel implementation allows you to track ticket purchases and associated revenue from every online campaign you run. This ensures that the third-party marketing platforms you’re using can calculate ROI, conversion rate, cost-per-acquisition, and more right inside their ad managers. Armed with this campaign data, you can make informed optimizations for future promotions.

Collect Users for Remarketing Campaigns

Tracking pixels record each user that visits your website or event listing for a set period of time. With the tracking pixel in place, it will add cookies to the user’s online profile which will allow you to put them into remarketing lists. These lists are highly valuable to your business. They are comprised of users who have already interacted with your event, and are therefore a more qualified audience. Run remarketing campaigns from these lists and consider offering a small discount of 10% off tickets to entice them to convert. Remarketing ads result in better conversion rates and much higher ROI than other online campaigns.

Learn More About Your Customers

You’ve made your buyer personas and have a clear understanding of your customer, but are you missing anything? Even if you pulled customer data when you began making your profiles, as your base grows, savvy marketers frequently check in on their audience data to uncover new insights to use in marketing campaigns. Employ tracking pixels to record invaluable visitor demographic and affinity information that sheds light on your audience. Unearth information about your market, such as the average age and location, what device they use to view your event, and what brands they interact with.