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How Event Professionals Can Make the Most Out of YouTube


Your attendees are interested in more than just your event, they want to be part of your culture. With the ever increasing popularity of YouTube, event professionals can share more with their fans and increase their chance of getting noticed by new ticket buyers by having an active YouTube channel.

To help you get the most our of your event’s YouTube channel, here are a few tips for your account.

Page Set-up

When setting up your YouTube channel, be sure to keep everything recognizable. Stay true to your event’s image by customizing your channel to the look and feel of your website. You can do this by uploading your logo, staying with your typical color scheme, and offering a link to your event’s website. For seasoned users, group video content by specific channels based on topic such as event day set-up or fan interviews.

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What does social media tell us about theatre audiences?

Clive Humby - Apr 28, 2016

The theatre industry has always known that its audience is passionate about the arts and is made up of keen supporters of live entertainment. A recent study by Purple Seven has shown that this audience may have the potential to deliver new income streams to the sector and engage with it in entirely new ways. While many in theatre have long suspected that audiences are affluent, few have been able to convert this into income for venues – either through sponsorship or individual giving.

Our latest research has demonstrated that there is indeed a very high crossover between the wealthiest members of society and those who attend theatre up and down the UK. We discovered that Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce and Bentley are the car brands that UK theatregoers engage with the most, and the likes of Liberty, Harvey Nichols and Vivienne Westwood the most popular fashion brands.

It is our belief that by creating new partnerships between these major brands and regional theatre venues, we can breathe new life into independent theatre. By understanding the national brands that our local audiences are already engaging with, we can better create a case for sponsorship and drive new money into the arts.

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10 Event Day Essentials

Event Day Essentials

By Christie Stapf | Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

Time is of the essence on the day of your event. Both you and your staff are running on high alert making sure those plans you worked on for months are being properly implemented. But as any experienced event professional knows, there are going to be a few event day bumps.

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Promoting Events

Why Event Managers Should Use Snapchat

Fans love to share memories of their favorite events on social media. But what happens when those images can only be viewed for a short time?

Snapchat is taking the event industry by storm with its highly regarded Stories feature and geomarketing technology. Fans now more than ever are following and sharing their favorite events’ snaps for real-time updates, exclusive contests, and coupon codes.

We’ve highlighted below some of the ways you can utilize Snapchat for your events.

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