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iPhone 6s and New iOS 9

How the iPhone 6s and New iOS 9 Benefits Event Professionals

Apple’s recent release of their iPhone 6s with the new iOS 9 software has the capability to significantly increase daily productivity for event professionals.

We know that daily event management presents a set of tasks that must be handled efficiently and effectively, so we’ve outlined the features of iOS 9 that will best meet event professionals’ needs.

Live Photos

In the fast-paced environment of the event industry, quality photos are essential. Not all event professionals have high-quality photo resources at their disposal. Luckily, the iPhone 6s’ new feature, Live Photos, takes a full-resolution still image and captures movement and sound just before and after the photo is taken. Live Photos and the highest camera quality we’ve seen from Apple yet ensures you’ll snap the perfect picture at any event.

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5 Ways to Promote Your Event Offline


Offline Event Promotion

In the modern event management world, online marketing is the focus of most marketing budgets. But what about more traditional forms of marketing? Can they still be effective for event professionals?

The answer is yes! Check out our five offline promotion tips to help you sell more tickets!

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Social Media Tools

4 Essential Social Media Tools for Event Professionals

Social media tools

Like organic and paid search, social media is a crucial part of an event marketer’s toolkit.

From Facebook to Instagram, managing the numerous platforms can be overwhelming, but luckily there are other third-party tools to help you save time, boost engagement, and easily edit your content.

Here are our favorite social media tools for event professionals:

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Event Transportation

The Benefits of Providing Transportation To and From Your Event

You care about your attendees, and you want them to have a safe experience at your event. One important thing you should never overlook, however, is doing your best to keep them safe on their way to and from your event as well.

As a side effect, providing safe, reliable transportation can also potentially help you sell more tickets.

For example, if your event involves alcohol, the challenge of finding a designated driver may discourage some potential buyers. Even if you’re running a dry event, some people may not want to drive to the spot, find and pay for parking, and afterwards, deal with a massive line of fellow drivers trying to exit the event locale at the same time.

So where do you start if you want to give your attendees’ good travel options? We put together a few tips to minimize traveling complications and encourage attendees to feel safe when they’re on their way to your event.

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5 Features to Look For When Shopping For an Event Ticketing System

Features to Look For New Event Ticketing System

It’s the perfect time of the year to start using an event ticketing system or to rethink your current system. New, innovative features for ticketing systems are developed frequently, and with so many offerings it may be difficult to determine which are important to consider.

In an effort to ease your shopping process, we’ve outlined five features that are must-haves when looking for a new event ticketing system.

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